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A student may not repeat a course for units toward graduation in which he/she has received a grade of "C " or higher.

If a student receives a grade of "D," "F " or "NC," the student may repeat the course once and receive a new grade; however, the listing of the original grade will remain on the student's permanent record. The course repetition will be annotated on the transcript and all work will remain legible insuring a true and complete academic history. The units of the original course will not be counted toward graduation and will not be included in computing grade point average. To repeat a course, file a petition with the Admissions and Records Office. The repetition of course policy, applies to courses taken in other accredited colleges or universities and similar policies at other colleges and universities will be honored.


There are occasions when a student may need to repeat a particular course in which a passing grade has been received. Special circumstances warranting such repeats include:

  1. To regain former knowledge or verification of recency of knowledge after a lapse of some years, normally three years.
  2. When significant changes in technology, methodology, and content have occurred.
  3. When a higher grade is required by a specific educational program.

A student wishing to repeat a course under this regulation shall, prior to enrollment, file a petition with the Director of Admissions and Records asking for approval. The petition must specify the course to be repeated, circumstances warranting the repeat, and must include the instructor's review, verification, and recommendation.

The intent of this policy is not to raise grade point averages. Grades awarded for such repeats shall not be counted in calculating a student's grade point average nor shall the student receive units. Mendocino College cannot alter the academic record of another institution.

For further details, contact a counselor or the Admissions and Records Office.

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