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Beginning with the Fall 2006 semester, all students must pay all enrollment fees in full at the time of registration. Students will be able to use a credit or debit card online through WebAdvisor or can register in person at one of our three registration locations: Ukiah Campus, Willits Center and Lake Center.

For more information, please call Admissions & Records at 468-3101.

Enrollment Fees

Students enrolling at Mendocino College are required by state regulations to pay an enrollment fee. The current fee, subject to change by the state legislature, applies to credit courses as follows: $46.00 per unit (or $23.00 per half unit).

Compare Fees!
Our students transfer to both California State University and University of California schools. Compare 2011-12 full-time annual class fees!

  • Mendocino College ($46/unit) - $1,380** 
  • California State University - $5,285
  • University of California - $13,200


Non-Resident Enrollment Fee
These fees are highly competitive with the 110 community colleges in California. The current fee and refund policy is published in the Catalog and applies to credit courses.

K-12 Enrollment Fee
Per Board of Trustees action, Special Part Time (11.0 units or less) K-12 grade students are exempt from paying the enrollment fee.  All other fees apply as outlined in the Class Schedule.  Please review the Class Schedule for other potential enrollment waivers.

Enrollment Fee Refund
Under certain circumstances and within specified time periods, refunds of the enrollment fee are possible. More details are available in the Office of Admissions and Records (468-3101)
Lake Center (263-4944)or the Willits Center (459-6224).

Non-Payment of Fees
As a means of ensuring the repayment of any type of financial obligation due to the College, any or all of the following will be applied by the appropriate department until the debt is paid:

  1. No grades will be issued.
  2. No transcripts will be issued.
  3. Registration, adds and drops will not be processed.

Upon presentation of valid receipt verifying repayment of monies due to the College, the restrictions stated above shall be removed. Such receipts will be issued by the Business Office and/or the Library as appropriate.

Enrollment Fee Assistance - Financial Aid

For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office, 468-3110.

Health Fee
A student health fee of $10.00 will be collected at registration. Potential Health Fee waivers are listed in the Class Schedule.

This fee provides a secondary student accident insurance policy which is mandated by California Education Code and a Health Awareness Program.

Student Representation/ASMC Card/Audit Fees/Credit by Exam
The following fees - Student Representation, ASMC card, audit fees and credit by exam fees - are not refundable.

Student Representation Fee

A fee of $1.00 will be charged to all students to fund student advocacy. For exemption criteria, contact the Admissions and Records Office.   

Fee Refunds

Enrollment/Materials Fees: Refunds will be made automatically to all students qualifying as follows: Students must first drop the course(s) by completing the proper ADD/DROP forms available in Admissions and Records and at the Lake and Willits Centers, or by dropping courses through WebAdvisor ( Full-term classes must be dropped within the first two (2) weeks of the semester to qualify for a refund.

Courses which meet other than the regular semester length must be dropped during the first 10% of the course in order to qualify for a refund of enrollment fees. (No exceptions.) Refund checks will be processed the first Monday of each month, and will be mailed to student's address of record.

Refunds cannot be carried forward for credit to the next registration. A full refund will also be issued for those classes which are cancelled by the College.

Health Fee Refund:
This fee will be refunded only when all classes are dropped before the first day of the semester, or when all of a student's classes are cancelled by the college.

Student Representation/ASMC Card/Credit by Exam/Audit Fees:

These fees are non-refundable.

Student Center Fee

Effective Spring Semester of 2004 Mendocino College will be implementing a new student fee called the Student Center Fee.

When was the fee voted in?
The Student Center Fee is a fee that was voted on by the students of Mendocino College in Spring 2003. A total of 1,074 evening and day students representing the Ukiah, Willits and Lake campuses voted in the week-long election with 879 (82%) students voting in favor of the fee and 195 (18%) opposed to the mandatory fee. Administrative Regulation No. 528.9 and Education Code 76375 permit the election and the implementation of the Student Center Fee.

What is the Student Center Fee for?
Money collected may be used to construct, renovate, equip, or operate a Student Center. The Associated Students of Mendocino College (ASMC), student government will determine the appropriate uses of the fee income and the student center facility but the funds and usage will be subject to all college regulations.

How much do students have to pay?
The Student Center Fee will be $1 per unit, not to exceed $10 per fiscal year ($5 maximum for both Fall and Spring semesters) and is mandatory for all credit students.  The Student Center Fee is not in effect during the Summer semester.

Is there anyone exempt from having to pay this Student Center Fee?
Yes. Students who are documented recipients of aid under the Aid to Families of Dependent Children/Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, the Supplemental Security Income/State Supplemental Program, or the General Assistance Program are exempt from paying the fee. The documentation/proof must be presented to the Financial Aid Office(s) at the Ukiah Campus or the Willits Center or Lake Center. The staff will ask you to submit a FEE Waiver BOGG A application along with the documentation from the public agency where you receive the assistance.

Who do I contact for any questions on this Fee?
Financial Aid Offices for inquiries related to exempt criteria: Ukiah Campus, Room 740, 468-3110; Willits Center, 459-6224; Lake Center, 263-4944.

Associated Student of Mendocino College (ASMC) for inquiries related to the construction, renovation, equipment, or operation of the Student Center: 467-1019.

Dean of Student Services for details on the process that voted in the Student Center Fee: 468-3105.

Enrollment Fee History
California Community Colleges Enrollment Fee History

Academic Year

Per Unit 12 Units

Annual –

Full Time** 
1983/84 and prior years: $0 $0 $0
1984/85-1990/91: $5 $50* $100
1991/92: $6 $60* $120
1992/93 (Spring): $10 $120 $300
1993/94-1997/98: $13 $156 $390
1998/99: $12 $144 $360
1999/2000–2002/03: $11 $132 $330
2003/04: $18 $216 $540
2004/05: $26 $624 $780
2005/06 (Spring)-2008/09: $20 $240 $600
2009/10 (Fall)-2011/12 $26 $312


 2011/12 (Fall)  $36  $432


 2012/13 (Summer)




*Statutory maximum per term

**Based on 30 units

NOTE: From Spring 1993 through Spring 1995, a "Differential Fee" of $50 per unit was charged to students with a bachelor's degree

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