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Registered Nursing Program

The Mendocino College Registered Nursing Program was approved in 2005 by the California State Board of Registered Nursing. Students that successfully complete the two-year sequence of RN coursework receive an Associate of Science degree in Nursing and are eligible to sit for the RN licensure examination (NCLEX-RN). Click here for the Success Rate of Mendocino College RN Graduates by viewing the NCLEX Pass Rates for California Nursing Schools.

The Registered Nursing Program consists of a two-year, full-time course sequence.  These nursing courses take place after completion of prerequisite courses and general education requirements. Students are strongly urged to consult with an academic counselor early in their education if considering a nursing career.

Please read all of the information below as well as the "Nursing Frequently Asked Questions" before you apply.



RN Program Prerequisites

The courses listed below must be completed before starting any nursing coursework. The English requirement and at least two of the Science prerequisites must be completed before application in order to have adequate data for the formula score. However, all RN prerequisites, general education requirements, cultural studies requirement, and the math competency requirement must be completed by the end of the semester in which you submit application. 

 * The RN prerequisites cover all of the general education requirements other than Area's B1 and C.

The Cultural Studies requirement can be covered by the sociology prerequisite if students choose ANT 201, SOC 201, or SOC 202. However, if students choose SOC 200, they will need to take an additional course for the cultural studies requirement.

The Math competency requirement is MTH 56, Intermediate Algebra (unless a student has catalog rights prior to the 09/10 school year. See a Mendocino College counselor for clarification).

**As of April 2013 ALL students must take MTH 56 (or equivalent) and ENG 80 (or equivalent) before they will be allowed to take Anatomy or Physiology courses at Mendocino College**

 Complete each of the following:

  • BIO 230 Anatomy with Lab, 4 units minimum
  • BIO 231 Physiology with Lab, 4 units minimum
  • BIO 259 Microbiology with Lab, 4 units minimum

Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology must have been completed within the last 10 years if you received an "A" or "B" grade in the course.  If you received a "C" grade they must have been completed within the past 5 years. No online science courses will be accepted as prerequisites.  There is no longer an option to waive the recency requirement for these courses.

REMINDER:  At least two of the three science prerequisites MUST BE COMPLETED prior to application (and all other prerequisites and GE graduation requirements must be completed by the end of the semester in which you submit the application).

Complete 3 units (minimum) from the following :

  • HLH 114 Foods & Nutrition, 3 units
  • HLH 115 Therapeutic Nutrition, 3 units

Complete 3 units (minimum) from the following :

  • PSY 205 Introductory Psychology, 3 units
  • PSY 215 Psychology of Personal Growth, 3 units
  • CDV 200 Psychology of Development -Infancy through Adolescent, 3 units
  • PSY 210 Lifespan Developmental Psychology, 3 units

Complete 3 units (minimum) from the following :

  • SOC 200 Sociology 3 units
  • SOC 201 Modern Social Problems 3 units
  • SOC 202 Racial and Ethnic Relations 3 units
  • ANT 201 Cultural Anthropology 3 units

Complete 3 units (minimum) prior to application:

  • ENG 200 Reading Composition 3 units

Complete 3 units (minimum) from the following:

  • SPE 200 Intro Public Speaking 3 units
  • SPE 210 Interpersonal Communication 3 units




Minimum Requirements for RN Program Application

  • Successful completion of 12th grade education, as evidenced by high school diploma, or G.E.D. certificate, or equivalent as follows: A degree from any junior college, college, or university accredited by a state agency authorized to accredit such institutions
  • Successful completion of prerequisite courses with a grade of "C" or better and cumulative college GPA of 2.5 or better. Courses taken credit/no credit or pass/fail will receive point value of a "C".  If you have courses older than 7 years, and those grades are lower than your most recent courses, those grades will be ignored EXCEPT if you are using any of the courses from that timeframe as nursing prerequisites or degree requirements.
  • All science courses must be within ten years of application as described above. 
  • Attendance at mandatory pre-application workshop (dates posted on nursing web page).  Workshops are good for the year in which they are attended, and one subsequent year.
  • Completed application to Mendocino College Nursing Department within posted application period.
  • Include one official sealed transcript for all coursework taken outside of Mendocino College to Mendocino College Nursing Department at time of application.
  • For those not already a student at Mendocino College: A completed Application for Admission to Mendocino College Admissions and Records, with an additional (2nd) official sealed transcript will be required for college admission after you are formally admitted to the nursing program.  The transcript sent directly to the Nursing Department will not fill this requirement.
  • Students with high school and college transcripts outside the U.S. will need to have them evaluated for U.S. equivalency. All foreign student transcripts must be officially evaluated by one of the following agencies, and a letter of evaulation must be sent to the Nursing Department at time of application.  No foreign coursework can be used toward nursing prerequisites or nursing coursework but can be used toward GE requirements.

IERF, Inc.
P.O. Box 66940 .
Los Angeles, CA 90066


ERES, Inc.
777 Campus Commons Rd., Ste.200
Sacramento, CA 95825-8309

Note: It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain foreign transcript evaluation prior to application. This process can be lengthy, so plan accordingly. An official copy of the transcript(s) and evaluation must be submitted at the time of application to the Nursing Department as well as Admissions and Records.

*All repeated coursework for pre-requisite nursing requirements will result in the average of the two course grades being used in computations for admission* unless the first course was taken over seven years prior.



Registered Nursing Selection Criteria

All applicants to the Mendocino College RN Program will need to attend a mandatory pre-application workshop (on site).  At this workshop you will receive a certificate of completion (numbered) to submit with your application.  Only applications with this validated certificate will be accepted and progress to the next level of the application process.  If you attended a workshop within the year previous to the application period you can submit that with your application.

Mendocino College will consider all applicants who meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Registered Nursing Program. The number of qualified applicants, however, usually far exceeds the capacity of the class. In order to fairly select students for admission, and to meet compliance with the Chancellor's Office, the Nursing Department uses a grade based formula in addition to a lottery system. 

  1. Each applicant's grades will be entered into a database  according to a standardized formula. The formula is derived from the "Predicted Probability of Success" study by the CA Community College Chancellor's Office. The formula consists of weighting the following:
    • Overall College GPA (all college courses attempted within past 7 years or more if pre-requisites being used from farther back)
    • College English GPA
    • Biology Courses GPA (Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology)
    • Number of course repetitions in Biology Courses (counts negatively if applicant has retaken a science course due to a grade of D or F.  If applicant has retaken a science to improve a passing grade of C or B the grades are averaged)
  2. All applicants who score above 80 on the Predicted Probability of Success formula will be placed into a lottery draw in which computer generated numbers are used to choose applicants for admission. To estimate your score on the Formula for Success click here. Please meet with a counselor to verify this information.
  3. All those invited for admission will then be subject to a background screening, drug screening, and need to have TEAS 5 test completed with a composite score of at least 62% (info available on line at  It is highly recommend that each applicant prepare for this test well ahead of applying to the R.N. program.  You may take the exam at Mendocino College or another facility (arrange through and submit your passing score along with your application.



Nursing Courses
The first semester of nursing coursework consists of eleven units of nursing theory and skills fundamentals, geriatrics, and medical surgical care, as well as introduction to pharmacology and nursing lab. You should expect four full days of classes per week.  See catalog for course descriptions for NUR 102 Nursing Concepts and Skills I, and NUR 105 Pharmacology I.  There is also a nursing lab NUR 52.

The second semester of nursing coursework consists of twelve units of nursing theory and advanced nursing skills in the area of community health, obstetrics and pediatrics as well as pharmacology and a nursing seminar. There are fifteen hours of clinical training per week and two days of lecture/lab courses. See catalog for course descriptions for NUR 112 Nursing Concepts and Skills II, NUR 115 Pharmacology II, and NUR 116 Intro to Nursing Seminar.

The third semester of nursing coursework consists of twelve units of complex nursing theory in acute care, community health, and outpatient mental health as well as leadership and management, pharmacology and a nursing seminar. There are twelve clinical hours per week and two days of lecture/lab courses. See catalog for course descriptions for NUR 122 Complex Med Surg Nursing I, NUR 121 Leadership and Management I, NUR 125 Pharmacology III, and NUR 126 Nursing Seminar I.

The fourth semester of nursing coursework consists of twelve units of complex nursing theory in critical care and mental health areas and a structured preceptorship experience. Additionally there are courses in leadership and management, pharmacology, and a nursing seminar course. See catalog for course descriptions for NUR 132 Complex Med Surg Nursing II, NUR 131 Leadership and Management II, NUR 135 Pharmacology IV, and NUR 136 Nursing Seminar II.

Clinical days and hours vary on availability of clinical sites. The goal of the program is to expose each student to the most valuable learning experiences possible within our community as well as in surrounding communities.  All those accepted to the program are required to go to clinical sites outside the local area so reliable transportation and funds for gas/auto repairs are essential for program completion.  Those who are unable to attend clinical at distant sites are unable to complete required hours and are dismissed from the program. 


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