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Directory of Programs/Departments serving Native American Student  in areas/departments of high use:

  • Counseling Services: Guillermo Garcia, Counselor. Guillermo is available for appointments at the Ukiah Campus. Appointments with Guillermo can be made by visiting or calling the Career & Transfer Center at 468-3045. 

  • Financial Aid Services: Rose Hernandez is available to assist with workshops, individual appointments and student financial aid needs analysis forms from tribal governments/BIA agencies. Rose is located in Room 1130 on the Ukiah Campus. Her direct phone number is 467-1002.  

  • Transfer Services: Guillermo Garcia is the Intermin Transfer Center Director. He can assist with requirements that are necessary for transferring to a specific four-year college or university. He is located in Room 1200 on the Ukiah Campus and an appointment can be made with Guillermo by calling 468-3045. 

  • Native American Student Organization: Darletta Fulwider is the Advisor. Darletta is located in the Counseling Office in Room 1000. She can be contacted at 468-3229. Mentors are located in the Native American Student Resource Center, Room 6210, on the Ukiah Campus and can be contacted at 468-3000, extension 4603. 

  • Curriculum Issues: Suggestions about Native American classes at Mendocino College can be presented to Virginia Guleff, Vice President of Education and Student Services in the Business Office, at 468-3068 or to Steve Hixenbaugh, Dean of the North County and Lakeport Centers, at 459-6224 or 263-4944. 

  • Other Services: Suggestions about other specific services to offer to Native American students can be presented to Virginia Guleff, Vice President of Education and Student Services, at 468-3048.

Mendocino College wishes to assure you that our intent is to ensure your success at Mendocino College.


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