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Adjunct associate professor
English Department
College and Career Success Department
Mendocino College

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Welcome to my faculty webpage.
My idea for this page is to offer you a chance to find out a bit about me and about the courses I teach. I'll also provide several required and supplemental web resources and a variety of electronic files here for students in my classes.

This will be a work in progress, so check back in the future for more educational website links and other interesting updates. In the meantime, I invite you to explore, and please contact me (info below) if you have any questions or comments. I'll welcome suggestions, too, for things you'd like to see here, or websites you'd recommend listing. Thanks.



This is the best contact option for me. If you are a student participating in one of my courses, we'll use the private messages inside our online classroom rather than email.


English 80
Academic Reading and Writing
(Online course, 4 units)
Section 5356
(Full-semester course begins January 21st)

College and Career Success 221
Becoming a Master Student
(Online course, 3 units)
Section 4411
(Late-start course begins February 3rd)

College and Career Success 124
Becoming a Successful Online Student
(Online course, 1 unit)
Section 4402
(4-week course begins February 3rd)

There are no required face-to-face meetings for any of my online courses, but I strongly recommend you attend an online orientation at one of the campuses if this is your first time working in Etudes. I also recommend a careful review of the college's distance education pages available here.

Office hours
Mondays 11am to 2pm by phone (see syllabus for details) or by appointment (via phone or online).

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Etudes portal for student login

Online English 80 syllabus

Online English 80 tasks list (assignment calendar)

College and Career Success 221 syllabus

College and Career Success 221 tasks list (assignment calendar)

College and Career Success 124 syllabus

College and Career Success 124 tasks list (assignment calendar)

Learning Styles Inventory
Be sure to enter your full name, answer all of the questions carefully (and honestly), choose submit at the bottom of the page and print out your results.

How to help yourself learn
After you print out your learning styles results, visit this page and read about your learning styles and what you can do to help yourself learn.

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Online tutorial for writing an essay
This seems to be a very cool online tutorial that actually walks you through every minute step of writing an essay. There is a given topic that changes periodically. I only walked through part of the prewriting steps or helping you choose your topic and develop your thesis, but that part was great. I think this site would be helpful for most students to practice the process from beginning to end, but I see it as particularly great for getting started, because you have to type something in each part of the process. (In other words, I think it would encourage you to "just do it" and help you move through any stuck places. They also explain a way to save your work if you need to stop in the middle of the process, but I wasn't successful doing this. I'd recommend that you save it for a time when you can complete the entire tutorial. At the end there is apparently a way to save your essay or email it to yourself. (The site seems to be offered by a software company--Merit Software--I'm not sure about the details, but again, I think it may be quite effective.) (http://www.essaypunch.com/)

Online tutorial for writing a paragraph
This is another online tutorial by Merit Software that does the same thing as the above site with the basic paragraph. Topic also changes periodically. I didn't do this one, but based on what I saw in their essay tutorial, I'd say this is a great way to get yourself going if you need this sort of basic structural practice. (http://www.paragraphpunch.com/)

The following three sites are also by Merit Software and offer online tutorials in the basics of writing business letters, grammar exercises and reading comprehension. I haven't explored these yet, either, but if they're anything like the essaypunch site, you can't go wrong with walking through them for extra practice:
Online tutorial for writing business letters
Practicing English grammar
Practicing reading comprehension

Online writing, grammar and research/documentation exercises
This website is offered in connection with the manual A Writer's Reference (available in the college bookstore) by Diana Hacker. It offers online exercises in writing, grammar and research/documentation. The great thing about these exercises in my mind is that you know right away whether or not your answer is correct, and if not, why not. The immediacy of the information facilitates learning. [There's a warning note that you may need to download Macromedia's Flash Player, so if your system isn't set up for that you might want to do these exercises from a computer on campus.] (http://www.dianahacker.com/writersref/)

Online writing exercises and more
This site is offered in conjunction with St. Martins Handbook by Andrea Lunsford. This reputable site offers a variety of student resources, including more online interactive exercises, "20 Most Common Errors," student samples, and more links to other online writing help. Bedford/St. Martin's publishes some excellent textbooks and based on that I'd recommend this site. (They also publish Diana Hacker's manual listed above.) (http://bcs.bedfordstmartins.com/smhandbook/)

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No files available at this time.

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The Learning Center
They have all sorts of useful information and services here, including drop-in study groups and online tutoring.

The college library homepage

College distance education pages (including login instructions and tech support)

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