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Welcome to Our Online Advising Center!

If you can't make it to campus to see a counselor, on-line advising may be a great alternative for you!

The Advising Center is a "public" place and several people may be reviewing responses. Do NOT post your SSN, phone number, or personal information. If you have personal or private questions, meet with a Mendocino College counselor in person or over a phone conversation by calling 707-468-3048. Thank you.

Before you post a question to the Advising Forum:

  • Search the forums because it is 80% likely that your question has already been asked and answered.
  • Note the different forums and choose what you feel is the best one for your question (we check all forums).
  • Do not duplicate the same question in different forums (we check all the forums).
  • You are welcome to join in an existing question thread and add a posting.

    After you post a question:

    • Go back in 48 hours and check the reply. If you are not satisfied with the answer or need more information post a follow up question using the same thread.
    • Check back more than once in case a counselor has added any additional information

    What is a FORUM?

    In the Advising Center you will find  Forums (forum means "a meeting for public discussion") and the Online Advising Center has three forums each covering a broad advising topic.  It's very student friendly, just follow the following instructions:   1.  Click on the Click Here to go the the Advising Center's Forums at the bottom of this page. 2.  You need to decide under which Forum (topic)  your question belongs 3.  Click on the Forum Topic 4.  Follow the direction posted in the Forum that  you choose

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