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Summer 2013 BUS 132 Entrepreneurial Management - (3 units)

Section 8117       Begins June 10th Ends August 1st

Course Description

Start a Business This Summer!
This course explores the entrepreneurial process, from idea generation and assessment, to business planning, launch, and growth. Students learn how to develop and assess a business idea, decide on an appropriate structure, prepare the basic components of a business plan, articulate a funding strategy, and prepare for the launch and management of a new enterprise.

  • Instructor: Orion Walker
  • Email: or after the class has started, please use Etudes Private Messages for communication.
  • Textbook Information: See bookstore link from course listing on WebAdvisor for most up-to-date book information.
  • Estimated Time per Week: Students can expect to spend approximately 10 hours per week reading, writing, taking quizzes and participating in online class discussions. Remember this is a 17 week class condensed into 8 weeks!
  • Special Requirements: Log into Etudes the first day of class.
  • Assignments & Tests: Class participation is a big part of this class. The main assignments include interviewing a business owner, and developing a business idea. See syllabus on first day of class for details.
  • Additional Comments: If you are new to the online class format, it might take a little getting used to. You will need to have the following: Internet access, an active email account, the ability to use word processing, conduct Internet searches, attach files, send emails, and work independently. This class depends on a lot of interaction with students, so plan to be on the discussion boards interacting with fellow students a lot.
  • New to Etudes: Here is an Online Orientation (Flash presentation opens in a new window) that will show you the basics of how to use Etudes. Here is a flash tutorial (Flash presentation opens in a new window) that demonstrates the log in protocol. Be sure to check System Requirements before getting started with Etudes. You need to do this on each computer you use while taking a class through Etudes.
  • Etudes Course: You will log into the Etudes classroom with the log-in information provided below.

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First 2 letters of first name + First 2 letters of last name + Last 5 digits of Student COLLEAGUE ID (Type using all lower case letters) Example: Jose A. Garcia Student ID: 1021945 Username = joga21945

Month Day of birth in school records   (Type using all lower case letters) Example: Birthday is April 11th, 1982 (04/11/82) Password = 0411

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