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Distance Education at Mendocino College

Spring 2011  Spanish 200 (5 units)

Section 0832     Online pages open January 24, 2011. 
Required attendance one Saturday a month from 8:00 a.m. until 11:50 a.m in room 810.  (Feb 5, Mar 5, Apr 2, May 7.)

Course Description: Beginning instruction in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. Development of pronunciation, vocabulary and conversational skills within the context of the exploration of cultures, histories and peoples of the Spanish-speaking world.

Recommended Prep: This is a beginning level class.  There are no perequisites.  It is also a good place to begin for those who studied some Spanish some time ago.

  • Instructor:  Bill Southwick      
  • Email:
  • Textbook Information: Required Text: En línea, an on-line text obtained by purchasing a book code for $130.  The accompanying loose-leaf binder text is recommended and costs an additional $25 at the time of purchase of the code.  Check syllabus for how to purchase.
  • Estimated Time per Week: Recommendations: Study a little often, instead of a lot occasionally. Your weekly total should vary between 6 and 10 hours for most. Some will need less time based upon previous experience.  Some may need more.
  • Special Requirements: Log into ETUDES by the first day of class to obtain the syllabus and book code purchase instructions.  Once registered for En línea, every thing else for the course will be found in the En línea program.
  • Assignments & Tests: We will study chapters 1 – 4.  Assignments and test dates will be posted in your En línea pages.
  • Additional Comments:  Method of instruction:  online interactive exercises based on videos, conversations, cultural presentations, vocabulary, and grammar. In addition there is a once a month class with the instructor, conversation with fellow students and with the instructor.  (See above.)
  • New to Etudes: Here is an Online Orientation (Flash presentation opens in a new window) that will show you the basics of how to use Etudes. Here is a flash tutorial (Flash presentation opens in a new window) that demonstrates the log in protocol. Be sure to check System Requirements before getting started with Etudes. You need to do this on each computer you use while taking a class through Etudes.
  • Etudes Course: You will log into the Etudes classroom with the log-in information provided below.

Login ID


First 2 letters of first name +
First 2 letters of last name +
Last 5 digits of Student COLLEAGUE ID
(Type using all lower case letters)
Jose A. Garcia
Student ID: 1021945
Username = joga21945

Month Day of birth in school records
(Type using all lower case letters)
Birthday is April 11th, 1982 (04/11/82)
Password = 0411

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