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Distance Education at Mendocino College

Sociology 210 Marriage and Family Relations

Section 4705   Class Begins January 20

This course will provide a systematic study of the family as a social institution. The biological, psychological and sociological factors that impact family relationships are considered, including mate selection, courtship, human sexuality, marital adjustment, parenthood, and economic and social policies (CSU/UC) AA/AS area B2; CSU area D; IGETC area 4

  • Recommended: ENG 80 or placement into ENG 200 through assessment process.

Course Details

  • Instructor: V. Varela
  • E-Mail: (after class has begun, please use the email within Etudes for communication)
  • Units: 3
  • Class Meets: January 20 - May 22, 2009
    Class opens for access on January 20 at 8am.
  • Textbook & Estimated Costs:
    • Required Textbook:  "Families and their Social Worlds". 1st Edition. Karen Seccombe. ISBN-10: 0205516459 Price new:$123.00   used: $82.50 (
  • Estimated Time Per Week: Students can expect to spend approximately 8 to 12 hours per week reading, writing, and taking quizzes and participating in class discussions.
  • Special Requirements:  The entire course will be conducted online through the Etudes program. Students are required to have Internet access, an active email account, the ability to use word processing, conduct Internet searches, attach files, send emails, and work independently.
  • Assignments & Tests:  Students will complete three unit papers, weekly written assignments, discussion group participation, and 15 chapter quizzes.
  • Proctored Exams: No
  • Additional Comments:  Because this is a distance learning course, attendance is not an issue; however, turning assignments in on time is. If you do not meet the first assignment deadline, I will assume you do not wish to stay in the class and drop you unless you contact me. After that, it is your responsibility to drop the course. Drops will not be backdated. Contact Admissions & Records to drop the course or call Tel-Reg at 888-835-8816. 
  • New to ETUDES: Here is an Online Orientation (Flash presentation opens in a new window) that will show you the basics of how to use ETUDES. Here is a flash tutorial (Flash presentation opens in a new window) that demonstrates the log in protocol. Be sure to check System Requirements before getting started with ETUDES. You need to do this on each computer you use while taking a class through ETUDES.
  • ETUDES Course: You will log into the Etudes classroom with the log-in information provided below.

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