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Distance Education at Mendocino College

Spring 2009 MTH55 – Elementary Algebra (5 units)

Section 4477 and 4478    Course begins January 20

Course Description

Prerequisite:  Completion of Math 44 or qualification for Math 55 through the assessment process. 
This course is a standard beginning algebra course. It will cover fundamental algebraic concepts and operations of the real numbers, order of operations, solutions of linear equations and inequalities, applications of linear equations, linear equations and inequalities in two variables, solutions of systems of linear equations and inequalities, polynomials, integer exponents, factoring polynomials, rational expressions, roots and radicals, solutions of quadratic equations, and the quadratic formula.

  • Instructor:  S. Bell
  • Email:  
  • Instructor Website:
  • Textbook Information:
    Textbook/MyMathLab Access Code - Options include
    a. Textbook/bundled with MyMathLab Access Code (ISBN: 0321565770) or MyMathLab Stand-Alone Access Kit: (ISBN: 032119991x): Introductory Algebra, 5th edition; Blitzer, Prentice Hall, 2008.
    b. Stand Alone MyMathLab Access Code (ISBN 0-13-14789-4): Provides an electronic version of the textbook. Although this is a less expensive way to take the course, as everything needed to complete the course is online, the downside is that you must be online to study and do everything else.
  • Syllabus - MTH 55 Elementary Algebra
    Online (sections 4477 and 4478); 5 units
    MyMathLab Course ID: bell46793

    Susan C. Bell, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
    Messages/Email contact: Use CourseCompass Messages to send messages; use my college email address only if CourseCompass is unavailable.
    Office Phone:  (707) 468-3228 - Try to use CourseCompass messages for all contact, as it is far quicker and I am on campus only twice a week.
    Office Hours/Location: TTh 11:30-12:30 (Rm 9180, Faculty Office, located near SE corner of Science Bldg), Online (MW 10-11am), or Friday by appointment.
    Faculty Website:; click on Faculty & Staff/Faculty/Susan Bell.
    CourseCompass/MyMathLab Website:
         Login Name: __________________       Password: _________________________
    Emergency Back Door into MyMathLab (if CourseCompass is down):
    MyMathLab Tech Support (hardware/software problems):  Live Chat! Monday-Thursday (5am-8pm, Fri (5am-5pm), and Sunday (2pm-9pm) Pacific Time
  Email 24/7: Fill out a product support form online.
          mathlab Call 1-800-677-6337 Monday-Friday (5am-5pm) and Sunday (2pm-9pm) Pacific Time
    MyMathLab Tutor Center: 1-800-435-4084 (Pacific Standard Time): Sun-Thursday (2pm – 9pm); if asked for a registration number, give your MyMathLab Course ID (see syllabus heading above).

  • Estimated Time Per Week: Students can expect to spend approximately 12 to 15 hours per week reading, writing, and taking quizzes and participating in online class discussions.
  • Special Requirements: A calculator, non-graphing only, is required
    Computer Hardware/Software Requirements - If you have any other computer configuration, call MyMathLab Product Support at 1-800-677-6337 to be sure yours will work in this course:
    a. Operating system (PCs only/will not work with MACs): Windows® 2000 and Windows XP; Memory: 64 MB RAM minimum; Monitor resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher.
    b. Internet connection: Cable/DSL, T1, or other high-speed for multimedia content; 56k modem (minimum) for tutorials, homework, and testing.
    c. Browsers and Plug-ins/Players: Internet browser: Microsoft® Internet Explorer, 6.0. Plug-ins/Players (IE7.0 for Vista OS): Install from the MyMathLab Installation Wizard online.
    d. Pop-Up Blockers: To be able to access various features in the online content, you MUST disable any Pop-Up Blocker software (or hit Ctrl + the blocked link).
    Calculator Policy – Scientific calculators are allowed for homework, quizzes and the final exam. Graphing calculators may be used for homework, but are not allowed on quizzes and the final.
  • CourseCompass Course: This course uses specialized math software, Course Compass. For information on orientation, you must email your instructor by tueday, 1/20 AND visit the online math page at