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For New Students

  1. Apply to the College

If you are a new student, or you have not completed a course in the last two semesters, you will first need to apply and be admitted to the College. You may apply online at CCC Apply (link opens in a new window). Applications may also be submitted in person at any campus.

  2. Apply for Financial Aid 

Contact the Financial Aid Department to see if you are eligible for grants, loans, scholarships, or fee waivers. Complete the paperwork before you register!

  3. Select your courses

If you are a new and need help making decisions, contact Student Services at 707-468-3048.

  4. Register for classes

Register for classes on WebAdvisor (link on college homepage). Check the College home page for registration dates.

  5. Get oriented to online learning

Mendocino College uses an online learning software system called ETUDES. There is information on the Distance Education home page to help you get started.

  6. Log in to your class

Log in to your course on the first day of the class.
  • Go to the ETUDES portal (link opens a new window).
  • Log-in ID


    First 2 letters of first name +
    First 2 letters of last name +
    Last 5 digits of Student COLLEAGUE ID
    (Type using all lower case letters)
        Jose A. Garcia
        Student ID: 1021945
        Username = joga21945

    Default Password: Month Day of birth in school records
    (Type using all lower case letters)
    Birthday is April 11th, 1982 (04/11/82)
    Password = 0411

    You will be prompted to create a "strong" password, if you are a returning student use the same password you previously created.

  • Click on the "log-in" button, and you will enter the classroom environment.
  • Students are not allowed access to the classroom until the first day of the semester (or the first day of class, for late-start classes).
  • We recommend that you bookmark the ETUDES portal on your home computer. That way, if our site is unavailable for some reason, you can still go to class.

After you get into the classroom, read any instructor announcements, find the syllabus, read it, and get going! If you have trouble logging in, email David Bushway, (Tech Support) or give him a call at 707-468-3054.

  7. Buy your books

Contact the Bookstore for information about course materials or hours of operation. Bookstore services are available at Ukiah, Lake, and Willits Centers.

  8. Go to class

Check in to your online classroom regularly. Try to create online relationships with fellow students, so you can support each other in learning. Email your instructor within the course if you need clarification.

  9. Get help if you need it!

Mendocino College offers services for tutoring, academic or personal counseling, and financial aid. Call for assistance right away, so you don't get behind! The Instruction Office can help direct you: 707-468-3014.